An Update

My most dedicated reader(s) by now have probably realized that I have have been on hiatus for sometime.  I mention this not out of the hope that my absence has been noticed, but from knowledge derived from looks of consternation and casual harangues on several occasions re: my negligence toward this site.  Initially, I was afraid to return and post for fear of being reminded of how long it has been since my last update (self perpetuating anxiety) but take consolation, gentle reader(s), your lobbying has not been in vain.  

I would first like to put forward some reassurance that I have been eating well.  Perhaps so well that it has contributed toward my laziness, but I will keep myself from digressing lest I turn this so-called “eating blog” into a blog about my own poor blogging habits.  It is necessary to remind myself that this is actually aimed to be a writing project centered around my own wonderful eating habits.  I am compelled to provide a link to another review I’ve since written for the weekly, this time for Chef Philip Foss’s project, EL ideas:  Not only was I afforded the privilege of dining here last November (though in a sense, I suppose I also needed to “afford” myself the privilege) but I also shared my meal with the youngest patron to have ever attended dinner at EL ideas.

I also was lucky enough to talk with Chef Grant Achetz of Alinea et al. last Saturday at The Aviary.  I suppose the law of large numbers dictates something along the lines of “as I approach complete conversion of my checking account into beverages from The Aviary, my chances of accidentally seeing Grant Achetz increases linearly” though I don’t think I’m wrong to paradoxically point out that my ability to do so is both impeded and expedited by the consideration that one round of drinks for a group of four translates to approximately 10% of my net worth (here, I wish I were exaggerating.)  Anyway, I saw Chef Achetz standing behind the swinging double doors which lead to the stairway to the WC and The Office.  Of course, I couldn’t be entirely sure it was him and not someone else or a Martini-induced mirage until I got closer, so I excused myself from the table to use the restroom and went up to talk to him.  I introduced myself and said a few words about how much food means to me.  Apparently he had just finished the second practice dinner for the Next el bulli menu (the new season starts tonight) and was considering some adjustments.  He was incredibly kind, and though my qualification for describing someone as such generally translates to “willing to tolerate me for a few minutes” (which, to his credit, he did) he was also thoughtful, quiet, and modest.  We talked for a little bit and he shook my hand before I continued on my way and went down the stairs.  I dissolved into a pool of giddiness and cocktails immediately afterward.

I will post more in the next few days, specifically for dinner at Next and dinner at Ruxbin on Tuesday night, but I figured I should get something up in the meantime.


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