Z&H – A Review

I know my reviews can be a little wordy, so I’ll try to keep this one relatively brief.

Last Tuesday, I went to Z&H for lunch around 1:40.  I ordered the 90 Miles to Mosak ($7.50), which contained pork belly, ham, swiss, onion, mustard, and pickle on French bread.  I sat down in the back and my sandwich came a few minutes later, along with a few pieces of potato salad.  I ordered a medium coffee and my total was something like $10.  (Which I put toward my rewards account.)

My initial impressions of the sandwich were fairly positive.  If pressed for specifics, I prefer a slightly wider loaf for my sandwiches (for a better crust-filling ratio, in my opinion).  There was also a lot of mustard and the pork belly was more salty than rich.  Overall, I thought the sandwich was a little dry and out of balance.  The quality of the ingredients was apparent and overall I enjoyed my sandwich, but I think the concept could have been improved with the addition of some tomato or avocado, to bring some moisture and cut the saltiness of the pork belly.  The potato salad was good and simple.  The potatoes were dressed just enough and cooked through without being mushy.  A nice touch.

I disagree with those who say Z&H is overpriced.  In my opinion, it’s one of the few places to get a decent meal within 20 minutes of campus.  I will go back to Z&H and order differently next time. I will update when I do, but for now…

Lunch at Z&H – $10

Three stars:


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