Why you should read my blog…

Here is where I should develop a mission statement or set expectations for what you can hope to find on my page.

First and foremost, this blog is my humble attempt to begin to catalogue some of my Chicago eating experiences.  This is primarily for my own benefit, but if someone actually reads this and finds it useful or amusing then this project will have exceeded my expectations.

Secondly, I hope to also turn this into a sort of open ended to-do-list.  I’m always open to suggestions and recommendations and promise to give everything a shot, time and budget permitting.

Finally, I plan to include some posts on my perspectives toward food.  You can skip these, if you’d like, as I anticipate these posts will be the most abstract.  If you talk to me in real life, however, you may recognize some of these posts from conversations I’ve had before.  I think about food a lot and like to revisit certain ideas.

Of course, this is an ongoing project and will likely be subject to all sorts of modification and amending.  All I can promise is that I will report back my findings earnestly and honestly.

Happy eating,


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